leslie steinweiss

composer lyricist


For much of my  childhood I watched my father “conduct” every classical LP we had.  He poured all of his emotions into it and I believed that the recorded orchestra was following him. I remember “conducting” my kindergarten class. Miss Hardel handed out an odd assortment of drums and whistles.  She put a stick in my hand and said to wave it at the class.

Skip to Performing Arts High School in the heart of Times Square; graduation day. Somehow I managed to swing a prime spot on the program, conducting Eine Kleine Nacht Musik by W.A. Mozart. Martha Graham was the guest speaker. Inspiring! Onto Queens College and then The Mannes College of Music studying piano and conducting.

Eventually I turned to writing as my main musical expression.  Music and lyrics for the theater was my focus early on and then music for film.  I re-discovered my love for concert music recently.  Chamber music, choral music and orchestral music has been pouring out of me for the past several years and it has been a great new adventure.

Music is a mystery.  How does it move souls to dance, cry, sing, feel pride or humility? How can music function as a meditation on one hand and an anthem for war on the other?  How can a sound get inside one’s feelings and profoundly elicit emotions? The true global language. 



"Rachel Calof "-Studio Theater, Theater Row, NYC

"Rachel Calof "-Pico Union, Los Angeles



"Rachel Calof "

McNay Museum, San Antonio, TX

Minnesota Jewish Theater Company

NYCFringe International Theater Festival

Pepperdine University, John Raitt Theater

Ensemble Studio Theater-west coast



"The School of Jolly Dogs" workshop

Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Waterford ct

HOME for Contemporary Theater and Art


"Beautiful Soup"

Olympia Dukakis’Whole Theater NJ

Home for Contemporary Theater and Art NYC


"Alice in Wonderland"

SummerNITE, Chicago

Lincoln Center Teaching Institute NYC

Dearknows Theater Company


The Price of Genius”

Lambs Theater, Broadway production


West Bank Cafe', nyc

ASCAP musical theater workshop

BMI musical theater workshop